Charities we support

As a Foundation we have chosen a variety of charities that are very close to our hearts.


There are so many worthy causes to support, but we feel strongly about the ones we have selected. Oceana UK is an environmental cause that looks at ocean conservation. Much of our business involves transporting vessels and freight across oceans, and many of our team are lovers of the sea – boaters, windsurfers and swimmers so taking care of this fragile environment is important.

As parents and grand-parents (and once youngsters ourselves) we value the importance of education for young people. We also appreciate how fortunate we are to be able to get out on the water and realise the tonic it provides through teamwork and teambuilding. The Teen Marine charity delivers this.

Sadly, cancer is a disease that cruelly touches many of us – either personally or through those we love. So we have chosen two cancer charities, The Breast Unit within St Margaret’s Hospital in Essex, England and the wonderful Cancer Research UK.

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Oceana UK

Reg charity number 1119722

In our industry we are at the forefront of experiencing the impact worldwide shipping and transportation has on our environment and have therefore decided to support Oceana.

Oceana, founded in 2001, is the largest international advocacy organization focused solely on ocean conservation. Offices around the world work together to win strategic, directed campaigns that achieve measurable outcomes that will help to ensure that our oceans and their unique bio-diversities are protected and enhanced.

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Teen Marine

Reg Charity number: 1158306

We are a strong believer in acting today to secure the future for generations to come. With that in mind we have chosen Teen Marine as one of our supported charities.

Teen Marine are an organisation and members club aimed at providing young people with education, training and experiences in marine environments. They are working with several youth organization’s and projects in London and around the UK.

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St Margaret’s Hospital Breast Unit

Reg Charity Number: 1054745

The Epping Breast Unit at St Margaret’s Hospital is part of the NHS Breast Screening Programme which provides FREE breast screening every three years to all women in the UK over the age of 50.

A specialist multidisciplinary team of support staff, nurses and consultants is running the breast assessment clinics and is responsible for screening, research, breast care nursing and mammography services. 

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Cancer Research UK

Reg Charity number: 1089464

Cancer Research UK is the world's largest independent cancer research charity, and the single biggest charitable funder of research at The Institute of Cancer Research.

Cancer research UK focusses its efforts in four key areas – working to help prevent cancer, diagnose it earlier, develop new treatments and optimise current treatments by personalising them and making them even more effective.

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